Water Heater Programs

Installing an electric water heater when building or making improvements to your home provides multiple advantages and benefits to you, the member.

  • Electric water heaters are safe and pose no threat of carbon monoxide poisoning, combustion, or explosion.
  • Electric water heaters are easy to install and don't require gas lines or exhaust flue.
  • Electric water heaters do not require venting or duct work, giving you more flexibility for placement.
  • Electric water heaters are environmentally friendly and capable of using electricity generated from solar, wind, hydroelectricity, and other renewable sources.
  • Water heaters are lightweight, durable and have superior corrosion resistance.

Through our water heater program, members have the freedom to pick the brand of water heater they desire along with the installer of their choice.

Rebate Offers

Valuable rebates are available for a variety of water heaters

  • Heat Pump Water Heater
    • Integrated (all-in-one) units, UEF 2.20+
    • $300
  • Electric Water Heater (75-99 Gallons)
    • > .90 UEF
    • Must enroll in energy management program
    • $150
  • Electric Water Heater (100+ Gallons)
    • > .90 UEF
    • Must enroll in energy management program
    • $300

2024 Water Heater Rebates

When a member participates in either program below, PEC saves money on wholesale power costs and the member is eligible to receive a discounted electric rate, which results in savings on their monthly electric bill.

Dual Fuel Energy Management Program

Off-Peak Energy Management Program

Service Options

Members enrolled in PEC’s Water Heater Energy Management Program are eligible to receive a one-time repair voucher up to $100 in a 12-month period, and up to three (3) times over the lifetime of the water heater (covering the cost of materials and labor and excluding the amount members can claim under warranty).

Repair service must be made by a licensed electrician, plumber, or combination thereof.  Invoice for repairs is required.  Up to $100 will be applied as a credit to the member's PEC electric account.

Additional requirements apply to be eligible for rebates and the service plan. 

Water Heater Efficiency Tips

An electric water heater can comprise up to 40 percent of the electricity used in the average American home.  Consider trying these tips to help save electricity and water in your home:

  • Use water sparingly when taking a bath rather than filling the tub full.  Keep showers brief.
  • Take the time to fix any water leaks you may have.  Putting a container under a leaky faucet will help you realize how much water you can lose in a day.
  • Wait to run clothes washers and dishwashers until you have a full load.
  • Wash clothes in cold water when appropriate.

Additional Water Heater Information

Please reference the following forms for additional information.

Water Heater Program Terms and Conditions Form