Choose Paperless or ACH

Costs associated with mailing billing statements can reach $85,000 per year for the Cooperative.  Fees to process credit card payments are approximately five times more than processing a bank payment.  By choosing paperless billing and/or automatic bank draft (ACH) payments, members are helping the Cooperative control fixed costs therefore stabilizing rates.


Enrolling in paperless billing is easy!

  1. Log in to SmartHub and click My Profile in the top menu bar.
  2. Once on My Profile, click on Update My Paperless Settings and toggle the switch to on under the paperless column.

That's it!  Moving forward, you will receive an email notification when your bill is available, as well as an email reminder three days before the due date to ensure you pay your bill on time.  If you want to see your most recent bills, log on to SmartHub, and click on Billing History under the Billing & Payments drop-down in the top menu bar.

To get signed up for SmartHub, start by clicking on the button below.

SmartHub Information

Set Up Your Account for Automatic Bank Draft Payments

To get your account set up for automatic bank draft payments, sign up through SmartHub or Pay-By-Phone.

Sign Up Through SmartHub

Sign Up Through Pay-By-Phone


But wait, that's not all!

Those who are registered for paperless billing or ACH bank draft payments will be entered to win a prize in June!  Prizes include trickets to a Rochester Honkers game, bill credits, and rechargeable, batter-operated yard tools.  Join other members who have already made the switch and set up your account with paperless billing or ACH bank draft payments today.