Keeping the lights on is our mission.  When the unforeseen happens, we are committed to getting the lights back on as quickly and safely as possible.

Power Outage Map

Click below for a real-time map of power outages on our system.

Outage Texting

One of the easiest, fastest, and most convenient ways to let us know when the power goes out is to text us.  Learn how to get started today!

Reporting an Outage

In the case of any life-threatening emergency (fire, downed 'live' power line, etc.), call 911 before calling the Cooperative at (800) 214-2694.

  • Text 'OUTAGE' to 55050
    You must be registered for outage texting before using it.  To register, simply click below and follow the instructions.  It's important to note that the phone number you are registering for outage texting capabilities must be associated with your account in our billing system.  If it's not, you will be alerted of that during the registration process and you can contact us to update your account information.
    Outage Texting
  • Call our office
    (800) 214-2694, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Report through SmartHub
    Click on the "Report an Outage" quick link on the left side of the SmartHub home page.  On the outage reporting page you will be asked if your power is out.  Click on the "Report an Outage" button and an automated message will be sent to the Cooperative. NOTE: You must be a registered user of SmartHub in order to use it to report an outage.  For instructions on how to access SmartHub, look under 'Member Resources' on our home page.

Please do not report outages through email, Facebook, or Twitter as they are not monitored 24/7 and it may delay response time.

During an Outage

  1. Never go near a power line!
  2. Check your fuse box or breaker panel.
    A blown fuse or tripped breaker is often the cause of a full or partial loss of electricity.  Remember, in some homes, there is a main breaker outside along with the breaker inside the home.  This is most common in trailer homes or on farms that have a main breaker near the meter.
  3. If your fuses or circuit breakers are fine...
    Check with a neighbor to see if electricity is also off at their location.
  4. Call the Cooperative to report the outage.
    Call People's Energy Cooperative at (800) 214-2694.
  5. Report the name and address in which your account is listed.
    Be prepared to report the name and address in which your account is listed, your account number, and your telephone number.  All of these numbers can be found on your most recent bill.
  6. State the cause of the outage.
    If possible, describe the cause of the outage and its location to the best of your ability (e.g. tree across power lines, vehicle struck a utility pole, etc.).
Powering Up