Building Front - Summer


Our cooperative's mission is to bring value to our member-owners and communities by providing reliable electricity, superior customer service, and innovative energy solutions at fair and reasonable prices.


To be a trusted energy resource for our members, an employer of choice, and a respected business partner with our communities.


We, the people (Board of Directors, Management and Employees) of People’s Energy Cooperative pledge to demonstrate the following values, beliefs, principles, and standards of professional behavior as we fulfill the duties of our positions:

1. Impeccable integrity and honesty in all that we do.

2. Full and open accountability for all of our decisions and actions.

3. Open and transparent communications with our members and employees.

4. Cost-based pricing for services that reflect disciplined cost management.

5. Respect for and responsiveness to the needs of each member while considering the impact of actions on other members.

6. Leadership, innovation, and vision in providing valuable energy solutions for our members.

7. Dedicated stewardship in the management of all the resources entrusted to our care with sensitivity to the environment.

8. Involvement with our communities in pursuit of prosperity and quality of life.

9. Loyalty to the principles of cooperative ownership.

10. Sincerity, trustworthiness, and dependability in our passion to serve our members.

Statement on Safety

We shall foster a culture of safety within the organization by training and motivating our employees to recognize risk, safeguard themselves, protect others and promote safe work practices.