Power Down for Energy Conservation

For decades we've been reducing, reusing, and recycling physical waste to limit the need for landfills.  While we can't reuse or recycle electricity, we can reduce energy use during times of high demand for electricity to help avoid the need for new power plants and you can help!

Power Down for Energy Conservation

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What is Power Down

Power Down is a voluntary load reduction program that alerts participants when we are experiencing an energy peak, so they reduce their use of electricity.  During a peak energy event, members are encouraged to avoid using appliances, adjust their thermostat, and turn off unnecessary items.  By voluntarily reducing their demand on the system, members are helping reduce the Cooperative's overall demand charges from our power providers which helps everyone by keeping rates stable.

How does 'Power Down' Work

When you register to participate in Power Down, we will text or e-mail you a message up to two hours before a Peak Energy Event or Maximum Generation Event will happen.  You may also see the notification through local media, our website, and social media. 

Please Note: You will not see a credit on your bill for conserving energy nor will you be charged more for power if you do not conserve.  This is a voluntary program, which benefits all PEC members by reducing the overall demand charges the Cooperative pays our power providers.

How Can I Reduce Demand

The largest energy users that can affect demand are air conditioners and large appliances such as washers, dryers, stoves, and dishwashers.  Hot tubs and pool heaters also place a large demand on the system.  The following are a few examples of how a member's small actions can reduce demand charges for the Cooperative each time a peak demand event occurs.

If two-thirds of our members did everything listed below, together we could save about $220,000!  The more members that take even the smallest steps to conserve, the greater the impact.  Remember, many hands make light work!

Cleaning Clothes

Clothes Dryer

Washing or Drying Clothes


dollars saved when one person delays drying their clothes.


dollars saved when one person delays washing their clothes.



Turn up the Thermostat


dollars saved when someone turns up the thermostat by four degrees.

Washing Dishes

Washing Dishes

Washing Dishes


dollars saved when you delay running your dishwasher.