People's Energy Cooperative offers energy audit services to both residential and business members.  Energy audits are performed by trained professionals who help identify where a building or facility uses energy and how that energy may be used more efficiently.

When an approved audit is performed and recommended improvements are implemented, members may qualify for an "Audit Recommended Improvements" rebate of up to $500.  Other prescriptive rebates may apply as well!


Residential Energy Audits with People's Energy Cooperative

Are you looking for more information about getting a home energy audit?  Click below to learn more.

Residential Energy Audits in Partnership with Minnesota Energy Resources

Are you a member of People's Energy Cooperative AND customer of Minnesota Energy Resources?  Click here for an energy audit on both electric and natural gas usage.

Ag / Commercial Energy Audits

For a member looking to set up an energy audit of their farm or business, email our Member Services Department by clicking the link below.

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