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People's Energy Cooperative has partnered with Minnesota Energy Resources to help distribute the cost and offer a reduced rate on home energy audits for members who receive electricity from People's Energy Cooperative and natural gas from Minnesota Energy Resources.  The partnership allows for both electric and natural gas usage to be evaluated and efficiency opportunities to be analyzed.

Getting Started

You must complete a pre-audit request and questionnaire prior to scheduling a residential home energy audit.  Click below to download the form.

For more information about energy audits in partnership with Minnesota Energy Resources, visit www.minnesotaenergyresources.com/audits or call (800) 376-0517.

Pre-Audit Request and Questionnaire

Standard Energy Audit

Cost: $75

This audit includes: 

  • utility bill analysis
  • thermal envelope inspection
  • blower door diagnositcs
  • furnace efficiency / safety and worst case back draft spillage testing

Performance Energy Audit

Cost: $150

This audit includes all features of the standard energy audit plus infrared camera diagnositcs.

Following the energy audit, both you and the Cooperative will receive a detailed report including the auditor's findings and recommendations for improvements.

Rebate Program

When an approved audit is performed and recommended improvements are implemented, members may qualify for an "Audit Recommended Improvements" rebate of up to $500.  Other prescriptive rebates may apply as well!