Landscaping and Tree Planting Guidelines

Whether you are planning to add trees or shrubs to your yard, please make sure you are aware of your overhead and underground power lines.  You can help minimize tree-related outages and ensure reliable electric service by choosing the right tree or shrub for any location.


Vegetation Management

We practice proactive vegetation management in order to minimize outages related to trees and shrubs.  For more information regarding our vegetation management policies, please click below.

Vegetation Management Policy

Tree Planting Reminders

Plant trees away from underground utilities to prevent roots from interfering with underground pipes, cables, and wires.  Future repairs to these facilities could damage the health and beauty of nearby plants and trees.

If you are planting trees on your property, make sure you never plant them directly under or within at least 25 feet of power lines for shorter trees and at least 40 feet away for medium-sized trees.  Refer to the chart below.

Always look up.  Make sure to always look for nearby power lines before you cut down any tree or trim branches.  If a tree falls into a power line, contact People's Energy Cooperative right away.  NEVER APPROACH A DOWNED POWER LINE or TRY TO REMOVE A TREE OR BRANCH THAT HAS FALLEN ON A POWER LINE!

Keep areas around electric meters, transformers, or other electrical equipment free of vegetation that could limit utility service access.

If you have trees growing or leaning toward power lines, contact People's Energy Cooperative.  Never try to prune them yourself.  We can recommend skilled professionals to safely trim trees for electric line clearance.

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