Frequently Asked Questions about Operation Round-Up

Q: How does this program work?
A: Each month, members who participate allow People's to automatically round up their electric bills to the next highest dollar.  For example, if a member's electric bill is $61.75, the bill would automatically be rounded up to $62 - the extra 25 cents would be put in the Operation Round Up Trust Fund.

Q: Who is eligible to receive these funds?
A: Any non-profit organization within the outer boundaries of People's service territory is eligible to apply for these funds.  Applications are available at the office or online.

Q: What are the possible uses of this fund?
A: Projects that Operation Round Up can help with include community service projects, education, medical care and equipment, food, clothing, housing and other needed services.  Examples could include medical equipment for a local rescue or ambulance service, assistance to a daycare facility, or funding to build a wheelchair ramp.

Q: Will this money be used to pay delinquent bills or help the campaigns of elected officials?
A: No. These funds will not be used to pay delinquent electric bills, as there are other charitable services to help with electric bills.  Nor, will these funds be used in any way to support or oppose any political candidate, or for religious activities.

Q: Who is on the ORU board and what are the duties assigned to the body?
A: The ORU board are cooperative members who volunteer to meet quarterly to evaluate applications made to the fund and determine how best to distribute the money.  One member from each PEC board district assures equal representation across the system.

Q: What if I don't want to participate in this program?
A: We realize not everyone will be able to or have the desire to participate in this program.  To opt-out, complete the form on this page and click "submit."  This is a voluntary program and all contributions are tax deductible.

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