Added Member Value

As a rural electric cooperative, our mission is to bring value to our member-owners and communities by providing reliable electricity, superior customer service, and innovative energy solutions at fair and reasonable prices.  We want you to know that includes more than just ensuring your lights come on.


Renewable Energy

There are a variety of options for you to capitalize on nature's power for electricity.  From inexpensive and convenient to more costly and complex, the following gives a quick overview of renewable energy options you can consider and how we can help.



Evergreen gives members the opportunity to contribute to the development of more utility-scale renewable energy resources.  To learn more, click below.

Member-Owned Systems

Farm with Wind Energy

Installing your own solar array or wind turbine involves many factors to consider.  We encourage members to contact us when weighing options to help them make an informed choice and understand what's required to interconnect to the electric grid.  Start by visiting the Member-Owned Renewable Energy page on our website.

People's Community Solar

Solar Array

People's Community Solar has been sold out since 2021, but members participating in the program are able to benefit from this solar array just outside of Elgin, MN with energy credits on their bill every month through 2036.


Energy Efficiency

From rebates to energy management, we have a program that's right for you.

Energy Efficient Rebates

Our rebate program offers several types of rebates for residential, business, and agricultural accounts.  If you are purchasing heating/cooling systems, appliances, electric water heaters, electric vehicle chargers, or lighting, be sure to check out the rebates here on our website.
Home Energy Audits Home energy audits are performed by trained professionals who help identify where a home, business, or farm uses energy and how that energy may be used more efficiently.  To learn more check out this page.
Home Energy Savings Kits Home energy savings kits walk you through a series of exercises and information to help you understand how your home uses energy and what you can do to conserve.  Locations of these kits can be found here.
Energy Management Programs Energy management programs are energy conservation at work and designed to save you money.  It's a partnership between a utility and a consumer to reduce the amount of electricity used during times of high demand and higher energy prices.  To learn more, check out the Energy Management Programs page here on our website.
Electric Vehicles (EVs) Electric vehicles are a growing part of the transportation industry and we can help you understand EV charging options along with the Cooperative's EV charging rates and rebates.  You can even buy a charger with integrated metering from us!



Added Member Benefit

Just for being a member of People's Energy Cooperative.

Protecting What Matters

Heartland Security Services

Heartland Security protects over 8,000 customers and is owned by 13 rural electric cooperatives in central, western, and southern Minnesota and northern Iowa.  People's Energy Cooperative became an owner in 2008, allowing the Cooperative to offer members a comprehensive set of both home and business security systems and monitoring services at special discounted rates.  To learn more, click below.

HomeServe Service Plan


Many homeowners aren't aware that they may be responsible for repairs to portions of the exterior electrical lines and other components on their property, causing them to have to find an electrician and pay the repair costs.  HomeServe offers several affordable options for home repair service plans, covering parts and labor to repair critical electrical, heating, cooling, and water systems.  To learn more, click below.

Take Advantage of Savings

Co-op Connections

Just by downloading the Co-op Connections app, members can take advantage of savings at local and national businesses.  This is just one more great advantage of being a member of People's Energy Cooperative!