To qualify for budget billing, a member must have lived at the same location for at least one year and have no more than one (1) reminder/delinquent notice in the preceding consecutive 12 months.  While on budget billing, members must pay the designated budget amount and if the member has a reminder/delinquent notice during a consecutive 12-month period, they will be mailed a letter advising them that if they are late again in the 12-month consecutive period, they will be removed from budget billing and will owe the total amount due on their account.

Budget Billing Calculations

The budget billing amount will be recalculated yearly based on the most recent 12 months of consumption.  The new amount will be recalculated and billed with June usage on the July billing statement.  Members will receive a notice one month in advance, on their June billing statement, informing them of the newly calculated amount.

Budget Billing has a catch-up month with the May usage, calculated on their June billing statement.  The catch-up month is to bring the accounts receivable balance to zero if there is a balance due.  Failure to have this balance paid in full before the July billing statement for June usage is processed will result in the removal of the account from budget billing.

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