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Our rebate programs offer several types of rebates for residential and business accounts.  The types of products that qualify for a rebate can change on a yearly basis.  If you are purchasing heating/cooling systems, appliances or lighting, be sure to check out the rebates currently offered or call Member Services at 507-367-7000 or 800-214-2694 for more information.


Custom Rebates

Custom rebates are determined on a case-by-case basis for qualifying energy efficient agriculture, commercial and industrial equipment or energy saving measures.  The purpose is to optimize demand and/or energy efficiency savings potential based on individual needs and to develop long-term efficiency planning.  If you are interested in earning rebates for your business contact Brandon Johnson by calling (507) 367-7050 or e-mail


Prescriptive Rebates

Prescriptive rebates are set each year and available beginning in early January.  The following guidelines must be met and the appropriate form must be completed.

  • Items must be purchased and/or installed in 2018 (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2018).
  • Rebate application forms and a copy of your receipt(s) must be submitted no later than three (3) months after purchase, recycling or installation and before December 31, 2018.
  • Rebates are in place through December 31, 2018, or until funds have been depleted.
  • Rebates will be issued as a credit on member's monthly electric bill.


2018 Rebate Forms

2018 Rebate Summary
Ag, Commercial, Industrial Rebates
Audit Recommended Improvements
Compressed Air Audit
Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Touchstone Energy Home Program and Touchstone Energy Home Program Checklist
Water Conservation
Water Heaters



Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency

Visit the Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency website for a list of products that are eligible for federal tax credits through December 31, 2021.


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